The AI Innovations Process


Have you ever placed a sign order and had the feeling it got the “throw it over the wall and hope for the best” treatment? AI Innovations has a different idea. We’ve structured our entire process to ensure you never feel that way. We combine a start-to-finish customer service commitment with efficient fabrication processes to significantly decrease production costs while ensuring you get a quality product every time.

Whether it’s a one-off sign or a worldwide campaign, your order will be produced quickly and cost-effectively while it gets individual, expert attention every step of the way. You’ll get the sign you need to meet your customers’ demands while making excellent profit margins and maintaining the competitive pricing you need in the marketplace.


From the beginning, AI pairs you with a skilled sales representative who will work with you to develop your sign order and keep tabs on your project through the entire process. Your sales rep will capture detailed information about every aspect of the project, including the end user, signage location, purpose, style, size, and materials specifications to ensure completeness and accuracy of the order. The completed order package is communicated directly to the processing team. Your sales rep will continue to work hand-in-hand with the processing team through the design, specification, and quote processes.


This is where we really shine. Unlike traditional sign manufacturers, AI Innovations has built in an expert Processing Department — the “brains of the company” — to our sign manufacturing process. We employ over a dozen design engineers and drafters who are skilled in signage design, materials, design and manufacturing technology, and sign manufacturing processes.

This group takes over from the sales rep to process orders, develop preliminary designs, check and estimate materials specifications, and ensure the manufacturability of every project that comes through the door long before it ever reaches the production floor. You’ll get the opportunity to review and approve the design at this stage as well so everything is set before materials are ever touched. We invest time in your project to analyze, design, and plan it down to the last bolt so that it goes through production efficiently and correctly the first time.


By the time your project hits the manufacturing process, nothing has been left to chance. At AI, every product line has its own production manager who takes the completed production packet from Processing and follows it through the production schedule from department to department. For our Channel Letter Signs, for example, the project goes through seven sub-departments before final assembly, with each step quality checked before moving to the next.

Once final assembly is complete, the built sign is cleaned, plugged in, and scheduled for a final Manager Review and Quality Check with both the Production Manager and the original Sales Representative. Both must check the product in detail and sign off on the completed sign before it is scheduled for shipment.


After fabricating a quality product, we carefully package and crate to make for easy and safe shipping from our manufacturing facilities. Finished products are inspected for quality and cleaned before packing. Appropriate materials are selected for the sign type and size to ensure products are safe during shipment and arrive on time and installation-ready at their destinations.