Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are a highly popular and attractive type of commercial signage. Whether standard or custom fabricated, channel letters are individually created, dimensional letters. Each letter is separate and formed of separate aluminum or steel "channel" enclosures that can house LED or other lighting to form illuminated signs. The sides of the channels, or "returns" can be of depths from 3" to 10" with the outsides painted to match the face or in a contrasting color. The front or "face" of some styles of channel letters signs are often acrylic, providing a wide variety of color choices to work with your clients' logos, branding, and buildings.

AI Innovation's wholesale channel letters come in four basic styles (additional information below):

  • Front Lit Channel Letters
  • Reverse Lit Channel Letters
  • Front & Back Lit Channel Letters
  • Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Highly versatile, channel letters can be created from standard styles or completely custom designed to suit your client's brand and style. Channel letters may be mounted directly to a building or on a metal "raceway" structure that can mount to a building with fewer connection points. Whatever style you choose, AI Innovations will fabricate an attractive, quality illuminated or non-illuminated sign that meets your specifications.

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Channel Letter Configurator


Front Lit Channel Letters, Standard Channel Letters

Front Lit Channel Letters

The most popular style of channel letters signs, Front Lit Channel Letters (also known as "Standard Channel Letters") emit light from the front or face of the illuminated letters. These are popular as shopping malls signs and outdoor plaza signage. With our high-volume equipment and technology, AI Innovations can deliver your front lit wholesale channel letters quickly and to your specifications.


Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse Channel Letters

Formed with aluminum faces welded to aluminum returns, the sealed faces of “halo lit” or reverse channel letters create a radiant backlit sign. A popular choice in channel letter signage, AI Innovations manufactures some of the best. We paint the inside of channel letters gloss white to help shine the bright LED's out of the polycarbonate backs for a spectacular presentation.


Front Lit and Back Lit Channel Letters

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

Illuminated from both front and back, these channel letter signs create dramatic, highly visible signage for your clients. Highly versatile, front/back lit channel letters can add color by simply adding translucent vinyl to the face or changing the LED's.


Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

While not as common as illuminated channel letters, non-illuminated letters may be a perfect solution for some applications. AI Innovations can manufacture custom fabricated letters and shapes to suit your client’s look and building style.

Channel Letters




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