Decorated Faces

In an age where media has splintered into hundreds of channels and newspapers continue to beg for readership, decorated face signs have emerged as the true mass medium. Everyone sees them. Passers by can't avoid them. Potential customers take notice. With the wide variety of highly visible and durable signs that can be created, Flex Face and Rigid face signs are a large part of the sign industry today.

  • Flex Faces
  • Rigid Faces
  • Custom Decorated Faces

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Flex Faces Decorated Faces Sign Dave and Busters

Flex Faces

Illuminating a face with fabric material stretched across the frame. Flex Face Signs from AI Innovations provide all the color, style, and resolution needed to make a big hit with your customers. Our full-service in-house capabilities give you the competitive edge over less-equipped, lesser-staffed shops, because you choose the right application at the right price for the design and project. From simple lettering to high-definition, full-color digitally printed photographic images, AI gives you a complete range of options.


Rigid faces decorated faces sign community health

Rigid Faces

Sturdy, Durable and Rigid. A non-illuminated rigid material, such as wood, metal or plastic with applied graphics is all that is needed in some projects. We stock reels of .15 by 76" wide white polycarbonate as well as a large selection of vinyl colors to serve a wide range of sign needs for both new cabinets and replacement faces.


Custom Faces Decorated Faces Sign BellaVita

Custom Decorated Faces

We will fabricate your idea from scratch. Leave it to our professional drafters and fabricators to complete a product worthy of displaying in a high-profile area downtown of a major city.

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Decorated Faces