Slimbrite Letters

Slimbrite Letters are sleek and the newest concept from AI. These sleek letters are fabricated in-house and lit with our AI LED system. SLIMBRITE will leave your customers satisfied that you just provided cutting edge products. Our unique LED system provides bright, even halo illumination without pin-dotting and hot spots. SLIMBRITE Letters are a great way to catch attention and come in several styles.

  • Skinny Halo
  • The Standard
  • All Lit
  • Front Lit Only
  • Half & Half
  • Front/Halo Lit with Drop-in Face

Contact an AI Sales Representative to learn more about how sleek Slimbrite Letters can add to your project.




Skinny Halo

Fabricated from 1/2" acrylic. Sides and face opaque. Utilizes a unique led providing even bright Halo Illumination without the pin dotting.



The Standard

3/4" Depth acrylic. Metal Laminate. Bright & even illumination of return lit letter. Let's mounted to .040" aluminum back providing "Heat Sync" - Drawing heat outside of letter, extending the life of led.



All Lit

Dept Acrylic Letter. Faces & Sides Illuminated. Vinyl Optional with Reveal. .040" Aluminum Back.



Front Lit Only

1 1/2" Deep, 2 piece construction. Returns opaque except for Top 1/8" lit. Face evenly lit with applied vinyl-white or translucent vinyl. Back has option of halo or opaque.



Half & Half

Front half is ½"opaque. Back half is illuminated. Each surface is ½”in depth Color of back half return is determined by film applied inside letter assembly.



Front/Halo Lit with Drop-in Face

Drop in face with 1/4" lit edge as well as lit reveal and opaque center. Aluminum Returns Painted. Back is 3/8"clear polycarbonate. This letter style can be built with no visible fasteners.

Channel Letters




Decorated Faces